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101 Find your Zen, The Utopia Life

You’re here because you believe that dreams are worth pursuing.

Perfect. I think you’ll enjoy the site and content, because that’s what drives me. I believe a meaningful life is one of progress, growth, and iteration—from one good thing to another.

And if you don’t share that perspective, I hope you’ll come to embrace it while you’re here.

My parents are the bravest people I know, fleeing Vietnam when I was 6-months-old. We made it to refugee camp in Indonesia before being accepted into Australia. They were striving for a better life; for happiness, for meaning—for a utopian life.

That’s the heart-beat of our human experience. I’m passionate about sparking and sustaining that pursuit in your life.

My journey has included representing Nova Scotia at the National Canadian Rugby Championships; a chef at a 5-Star hotel in Brisbane and fine-dining establishment in Texas, where I also finished my BA in Humanities; and an international Muay Thai athlete living in Thailand for 18 months.

Currently, I’m completing my Masters in Psychotherapy, so consider this site your free psychotherapy session.

I want to leave you with the question that drove my parents to flee Vietnam, and the question that has fueled my journey: What does Your Utopian Life look like?

Confronting that question is the start of an amazing journey for you. That’s the mission of this site; that you would dream, believe, create, and succeed toward your utopia.


Find out more at Theutopianlife.com


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