Operation Self Reset With Jake Nawrocki

The mission of Venture Companion is to help people understand their purpose and act on their values. This program is designed to infuse humanity into our data driven culture. Numbers are a wonderful tool for assessing the effectiveness of actions: They provide objective measurements of progress and concrete milestones to work towards. However, we need to be reminded that goals should be defined by aspirations that serve values, not numbers. When we forget this, we prioritize test scores over learning, weight over health, ledgers over prosperity, deadlines over collaboration, production over innovation, and scale over quality. We know we should see numbers as indicators of progress towards our aspirations, but when quantifiers are stated as the goal we lose perspective of their true value. When values take a backseat to numbers, shortcuts and creative rule interpretations become normative and goal attainment is unfulfilling. Venture Companion provides the structure needed to serve your values through your actions.


Justin Bentley-Melle is dedicated to maximizing effective service by promoting the power of the informed practitioner. As an experienced educator he has seen time and again that the best solutions come from those that deliver on the plans. When engaged with leadership, those nearest to the action have the best understanding of the “who, what, why, when, where, and how” of the mission.


Justin Bentley-Melle began writing Venture Companion as a way to connect with and support his daughter as she entered adolescence. The scope of this work evolved as his mother, who was coping with transitions in retirement, took an interest in this work. Justin’s engagement in educational leadership added additional insights as administrators and staff welcomed guidance based on Venture Companion concepts and processes.


Venture Companion was designed to support meaningful growth for individuals and organizations.  Please contribute your insights and experiences through the Venture Companion Facebook page or by contacting Justin Bentley-Melle at Justin@VentureCompanion.com. Your input will be put to good use providing valuable content for our Venture Companion community.

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