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Lanny Bassham said in his book, With Winning In Mind, “You change it through imprinting.” Lanny Bassham is an Olympic gold-winning 50mm shooting champion. He now teaches others how to improve their mindset so they can become unstoppable. In his book, With Winning in mind, I want to share three ideas that can help you change your own imprint to become your personal best.

Here are my three ideas

1. Don’t let the status of other people, things, objects dictate how you see yourself. I was recently at the Whitehouse and I was expecting the tour to be elite, amazing, and to be in awe. The tour was good but it made me realize that the Whitehouse is nothing more than just well a house that is white. I was expecting it to make an impact on my life but in reality it just ok. My biggest take away is that we give too much energy to other things than ourselves. If you want to become a better salesperson, parent, student, CEO, athlete, or firefighter you need to invest that energy back into yourself.

2. Do what you want to do! In Washington DC each spring they have cherry blossom trees that bloom. It's an amazing sight to see. People from around the world come to visit and witness this spectacle. My family and I wanted to see the trees but our extended family who lives there told us not too because it was going to be too busy, too hot, you won’t get an uber back to the hotel, there is nothing to eat down there, the George Washington monument is under construction, and the bantering kept on. As you can see people have their own ideas how to live or see the cherry blossoms. We didn’t listen and went anyways it was an amazing time. The trees were in full bloom, the weather was perfect, and yes there were clouds of people but it was manageable. The message is if you want to do “x” do “x”. Feed yourself first, give yourself the oxygen first, and lastly do you first!

3. That's Like Me! Lanny Bassham states in his book that during his mental visualization he would say multiple times during his mental walkthroughs, that's like me. This was a powerful statement because if you want to be the best teacher, seller, or assistant you need to get in an alignment of what you need to become to be that type of person. For Lanny he wanted to shoot a perfect game of 400 because of his visualization and his statement of, that's like me, he was able to do that and become that. For you, your goal or objective might be different but the phrase is the same. To be your best, to create an amazing self-image you need to remind yourself that's like me. As a bonus, if you're starting a diet or on a diet and you fall prey to a sweet treat before you shove it in your mouth say, that's like me. If you do that you will feel guilty and throw away that sweet treat for a better snack. Mind hacks can make the difference give it a try.

To change your imprint is not easy but easy is for the untrained by staying current with Jake Nawrocki and Operation Self Rest you better believe you will have more reassures, stories, and ideas to keep yourself at the best it can become. Keep on being Awesome and if for some odd reason you don’t feel awesome make sure you remind yourself the best way you can.

Gratitude to you my friend,

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