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Gene McNaughton is one of the Nation’s most effective Business Growth Experts of his time.
As an accomplished public speaker and presenter, he is most recently known for his appearance at the Napoleon Hill event, “Three Feet From Gold” held at the Grove in Los Angeles, and his presentations at the successful Ultimate Business Mastery Summit in Las Vegas, Fiji, and Australia (lead by Tony Robbins). Gene wakes his crowd with a presentation of fierce honesty and striking proof that there are specific techniques that you can implement to effectively persuade your audience, your salesforce, and your client-base. Gene has a proven track record of breaking records everywhere he goes – and he uses a consistent bullet proof process that makes business growth fun, and sustainable for the long term.
Gene’s 20-year experience includes spending over a decade at Gateway Computers. While serving multiple sales leadership roles at Gateway, Gene helped Gateway go from a small obsolete company to an $11 billion International powerhouse company – that was widely known for having one of the most successful sales forces in history.
As a Sr. Leader at Gateway, Gene worked up the ranks to becoming the leader on Gateway’s first Major Account Sales Training program. With its implementation, he was able to initiate the first Coaching Program toward reinforcing sales influence techniques and created the Gateway Solutions Team focused on specialization through new hire and key strategic product training. Gene was responsible for billions of dollars in revenue while at Gateway. Known for his sharp “7-Steps of Selling” presentation, he has developed these ideas into a direct strategy that can help any organization turn into a “selling machine.”
These steps have lead him to become the dynamic leader of Tony Robbins’ Global Salesforce and his influential presenting skills won him the privilege of becoming one of the few opening speakers to Tony Robbins’ cornerstone event, “Unleash the Power Within.” Gene’s powerful and energetic presentations are revered by tens of thousands of people as he is able to cut through and simplify the steps of influence. He has continued to apply these strategies in his role as Vice President and Managing Partner at OneCoach, a company created and lead by award-winning author of “The Secret” John Assaraf.

Now, as the President of the Elite Consulting Division of Business Breakthroughs International, Gene has helped to implement powerful business strategies that proved to double, even triple sales for his clients and break long-standing sales records. With his extensive sales leadership and management background, Gene McNaughton has not only created a path for new sales techniques and expert methods of influence, he challenges his audiences to travel that path with him, confidently. He continues to be well sought-after for radio appearances and speaking events and his Legend will live on as being an amazing friend, a loving husband, and a devoted father.  


    Master Business Growth Strategist
    Keynote Speaker
    Live, Energetic Sales Trainings
    SAles Team Leader and Effective Communicator
    Proven Track Record of shattering Sales Records

President of Elite Concepts Inc. Business Growth Consulting
January 2007 - Present
Dynamic and proven results producing executive. Elite Concepts provides PROVEN Business Growth Strategies and Implementation for organizations ranging from $2million/year to $2.5 billion per year.

    Worked with one company in which he increased sales from $510 million/year to $750 million per year (despite a struggling economy).
    Worked with one Franchising Company in which Gene DOUBLED sales within 1 month by providing and implementing 1 Business Growth Strategy.
    Worked with one privately-held international distribution company in which Gene led the sales teams that broke EVERY Sales record in the 29-year history.
    Worked with one Educational Company in which Gene led them in breaking their all time new student registration record. This company then broke the same record twice in the following semesters.
    Worked with a Consulting Company in Israel where Gene led them into TRIPLING their revenue AND profit within 6-months.

Vice President of Sales and Managing Partner at OneCoach
June 2007 - November 2008 (1 year 6 months)

Dynamic Vice President of Sales that served as OneCoach's Managing Partner of the Southern California Territory. Helped company grow in seeking Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs that are interested in helping Small Businesses grow their revenues, profits, and enhance our clients overall lifestyle.

Vice President of Sales at Robbins Research International
April 2004 - June 2007 (3 years 3 months)

Director of Public Sector Sales at Gateway Computer
January 1992 - June 2004 (11 years 6 months)

Responsible for a $750 million budget in National Sales and Customer Service Call Center (325 total employees, 2 call centers) serving Higher Education, K-12 school districts, and State and Local Government organizations.

    Launched Gateway’s first Major Account Sales Training program. Initiated first Coaching Program for reinforcement of techniques. (Title: “Major Account Selling: How to Find Accounts, How to Keep Accounts, and How to Grow Accounts”).
    Q4 2001: Increased Gross Margins from 13% in Q3 to 24.4% in Q4 (87% margin growth).
    Q2 2002: Achieved revenue goal of 136% ($181 million goal, $246 million attainment).
    Q2 2002: Achieved unit goal of 142% (130,500 unit goal, 185,100 unit attainment).
    Conducted Executive Briefings and onsite Executive meetings (C-Level) with million-dollar institutional clients.
    Created the “Gateway Solutions Team” focused on strategic product training, and conducting C-level sales presentations.


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