Operation Self Reset With Jake Nawrocki

How to Attract Money Using Mind Power may be the most concise, usable book of its kind. It sums up key points taught in countless mind power, metaphysics, and success books. It shows how to apply this knowledge to attract money. In twenty brief chapters, the science of attracting money is presented in such a simple, straightforward way, that any person of average intelligence will be able to grasp and use these profound teachings. Now, using the techniques given in this astounding little book, anyone can attract all the money they want by harnessing the power of their own mind.

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Geoff is one of the best guys I have met in a long time.  Check out his podcast called, "The Mentee Podcast"


The Mentee Podcas is to document Geoff Woods journey From Employee to Entrepreneur and the mentors who are guiding him. 

If you are looking to surround yourself with people who are where you want to be in 10-15 years,

You will learn


  • How to find the 5 people you need in your life
  • Turn friends into the first degree of your six degrees of separation
  • Use your best judgment in deciding when to talk about your aspirations
  • Get yourself out there
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The following comes from http://www.nicholasdillon.com/

An entrepreneur in his own right, Dillon is on a mission to pursue his passion and build a legacy of influence.

Thousands of individuals from the community to corporate America have learned from Dillon’s insight on Leadership & Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, & Personal Empowerment.

 “My dad always had an entrepreneurial spirit and my mom encouraged me to be the best I can be in life because average will never get noticed or recognized,” says Dillon, who later in life took the leap of faith to pursue his education and the world of self-improvement a Certified Life Coach and counselor.
The Milwaukee native possesses a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and a Masters in Adult Education, as an alumnus of Marquette University and University of Phoenix, respectively. Nicholas also completed an additional MS degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville and is currently enrolled in a Post Graduate Doctoral Certification in Behavioral Psychology.

Dillon initially launched his professional career in the field of Insurance & Risk Management. His career has placed him in front of business executives which served as a launching pad for the multifaceted professional he has become.

It has not come easy for Dillon to find his frame-of-reference and path to greatness. In his youth, Dillon overcame health challenges related to lung and respiratory disease along with childhood bullying that fostered years of severe shyness and low self-esteem. Now, as an educator mentor, Dillon has moved beyond his past. He finds himself eager to share his inspiration in hopes of influencing others to push through obstacles to begin living their best life. “My spiritual foundation and recognizing that I belong to God and with Him all things are possible,” says Dillon. He encourages his clients and peers to use positive self-talk as a daily subconscious regimen to keep their mind focused on their purpose.

Nicholas Dillon has appeared on BET with Ed Gordon, The Business Journal, CBS, and also holds the title of radio show personality at the host of his personally branded show “The Believe Coach Radio” which has over 50,000 listeners to date.  He has been featured as a speaker keynote speaker
for several National & International Conferences and organizations.  Nicholas had built a reputation as an expert in coaching & Leadership Development.  He has authored his first published book titled, “Who Do You Think You Are? – The Power of BELIEVING in Yourself”.   Dillon has also produced a training program titled “The BELIEVE System – 7 Proven Steps to Success in Your Personal & Professional Life.”

Proving that your persistence and determination can take you wherever you want to go, Nicholas Dillon, motivational speaker, educator, life coach, and author is a mogul in the making led by divine inspiration.
BA Management Communication, Marquette University
MA Adult Education & Distance Learning, University of Phoenix
MS Counseling, University of Wisconsin/Platteville
Post graduate work in Behavioral Psychology
Certifications, Additional Training & Awards
Certified Life Coach, Life Coaching Institute of America (LCI)
Certified Anger Management Specialist
Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor In Training, SACIT

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Speed reding tips and its free.  Increase your reading by 25%!

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OSR 77 Become A Leader Of Your Field with Tracy A. Hanes

In this episode, Jake is talking with bestselling author and media strategist Tracy A. Hanes.

Tracy became hooked on photography at a very young age through his father and wanted to pursue a career in photography when he got older. He went to college and was recruited to the football team, but when that didn’t work out, he ended up back at home. When his dad asked what he would do now, Tracy decided that he’d join the military so he could see the world and pursue photography.

Tracy joined the Navy, and though he had planned to only be in it for four years, he ended up making a career out of it. Over his life, Tracy lead himself into chasing his entrepreneurial dreams. He opened businesses he’d dreamed about for years and learned how to keep moving forward, despite the setbacks that came up. Going after his dreams hasn’t always been easy, but Tracy learned that he needed to put himself out there to live the life he wanted. Listen in to today’s podcast as Tracy reminds us that we need to learn how to fail in order to keep moving forward.

Here’s what Jake and Tracy talked about in this episode:

  • How to awaken your entrepreneurial self
  • Moving to the next level through mentors and coaches
  • How to prepare yourself for setbacks and disappointments
  • Allow yourself to fail
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