Operation Self Reset With Jake Nawrocki
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Self Reset Mastery.


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The following is from Vidal Cisneros Jr. Facebook page. I used to setup freeway construction sites, now I reconstruct coaching clients internal mapping system. My story of transformation will be in the upcoming: "Chicken soup for the soul - Think possible.” I’ve written for the Huffington Post and the Good Men Project. I discovered if my worst nightmares could happen, then so could my wildest dreams. I've overcome marriage betrayal, divorce, bankruptcy, alcoholism, a high-speed chase which led to six months of incarceration, all at once. Since then, I’ve found my better half, walked across hot-burning coals, traveled across the world, been on stage in front of packed crowds but most importantly, I’ve created magic moments with loved ones I will never forget. My mission is to create a visionary spark in your life, relationships and dream chasing pursuits. For more www.VidalCisnerosJr.com Facebook.com/vcisnerosjr


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146: The habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do!


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Businessman and Life Coach, Aaron T. Walker, has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He enjoys helping others and believes experience is a great teacher. 35 years of entrepreneurship and marriage have given Aaron a wealth of experience. Aaron continues to reach new heights and broaden his perspective of the terrain by examining his experiences and growing from them.

aaron-t-walker-chairPursuit of Excellence:

For 19 years and counting, Aaron has taken classes from and has been coached personally by his friend, financial guru, Dave Ramsey. Spiritual mentors David Landrith and Bob Warren have impacted his spiritual life beyond measure. Two other disciplined mastermind groups, 48 Days led by friend Dan Miller and The Torch have played a role in his understanding of how to live a significant, successful life. Aaron incorporates education and learning opportunities into his daily routine, remaining informed of the latest tools and trends available.


It only took a few years as a partner with David Patton Construction LLC for Aaron to help take the business from doing one to two projects per year to a multi-million dollar company, voted number one builder for three consecutive years by Nashville's House & Home & Garden Magazine's People's Choice Awards. He sold his retail business to Cash America USA, a Fortune 500 company. In addition to being the owner of eight lucrative businesses, Aaron participates in civic endeavors.


Through his participation in personal accountability groups, Aaron mentors 11 individuals weekly now and has for over five years. The Eagles Group, a collection of Nashville's most respected leaders met weekly for over a decade. At his local church, Aaron is an active member, team leader, Deacon, and teacher.

Aaron's Personal Life

Aaron values his time spent with family and friends. Sharing the past 35 years with his lovely wife Robin has been nothing short of spectacular. His two fantastic daughters and champion sons-in-law have given Aaron & Robin four beautiful grandchildren. When time allows, Aaron enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and is an avid reader.

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Start your reset NOW. Resetgift.com its free, fun, and freaking awesome!

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Could walking on 125LBS of broken glass really change your life?  

Come to my Seminar SELF RESET POWER.  September 10-11 2016.


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Bringing brands to life

Our mission is to make the world a more beautiful place through the
power of design. We are passionate about bringing you're brand to life and
creating a powerful platform to help you're business grow.


We are driven by a one simple philosophy...
Create beautiful brands that excite and engage!

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How to stay motivated.


Do you wish there was a simple to use device that could get you motivated from sun up to sun down?  Congratulations, there is no such thing.  Motivation cant be drank, swallowed, or eaten.  The only was to get it is to create it.  As Brendon Burchard says, “a power plant doesn't have energy it generates it.”  Its the truth all of us have the ability to get motivated but its staying motivated that is the hard part.


As a firefighter I run into burning buildings all the time.  Its a crazy job but no day if you're motivated or not the fire must go out.  Sometimes in life we don't have the ability to wait to become motivated to tackle projects or to complete the mundane things needed to reach our goals.  


Fighting fires for the last 13 years made me realise there is alot of similarities between fire and motivation.  There have been times that the fire has motived me to leave the building because its soo soo hot.  Fire is motivaoin.  When you have that buring desire within your soal you have everthing you need to attack your dreams.


In the next few minutes I hope to open your motivation receptors and to assist you in answering the question, How do I stay motivated?


The first step is to understand what is motivation and why do you need it.  Motivations root word, motive, mean a “reason for action”.  This action can be known as the “why” you want to do something. Motive is the a latin word that means, “to move.”  When you look at it together motivation at its core is WHY YOU MOVE or why do you do something.


If you were thrown on an island and you were naked, cold, and afraid.  Sorry to draw such a visula picture, haha.  The first things you would want to do beore sunset would be to find food, water, shelter, and yes fire.  To create a fire from scratch is on of the most challenging things to do.  Not because rubbing two pieces of wood together is challenging but because you have never done it before.  Its the same with motivation its not that its hard its only hard because you never really broke it down.  


The first time you tried anything it took you a while but look at now you are able to write, ride a bike, and tie your shoes.  Yes very simple now but when you were 5 it seemed impossible.  Motivation is the same way when you know how to get motivated everything else will fall into place.


To help you learn this, come on lets be serious Jake I just want to know how to get motivated I dont want to learn, If I just tell you you will forget but if I teach you you will remember for a lifetime.


Motivation has three parts to it.  Going back to our stranded on an island theory, think if you were to start a fire what would you need but more importantly what three parts are needed to create a fire?


  1. Heat
  2. Oxygen
  3. Fuel


Wait what about a lighter, newspaper, and logs?  Yes we need those but the three parts listed above are the simplest form of fire.  


These three pieces are piece of the fire triangle.  The fire triangle is the three simplest parts of fire and as we all know fire can either make you feel cozy or wipe out thousands of square miles of forest.  If you craving the kind of motivation that can wipe out a forest figuratively speaking then here I suggest you learn this.


We need heat, fuel, and oxygen to create our forest fire of motivation.  


Step 1:

To generate heat grab two sticks one for aspiration and second for hope.  Once you have the two start to rub them together.  Once you see smoke that means heat is getting generated and when you see smoke fire will soon follow.  In the heat phase we are looking for two ideas when working together make the first step into making a raging fire.


Aspiration is a word that describes your want to do something.  If you're motivated that means you're wanting to get something in your life.  If you know what the something is then you on your way.  But if you dont have that passion or want for something your aspiration stick won't generate the heat needed to create that fire.  You cant have a kinda, sorta, maybe, or whatever kind of attitude towards what you desire.  You must have blowtorch mentality that you really really really want it.  


Action Plan For Aspiration:


-Figure what do you really want.  Motivated people know where they want to go if you know then move on if not then ask yourself the following bullet points.

-What is your “Why”, ask yourself why do you want this what is the outcome.  Asking yourself great question will lead to great answers a great ted talk on this is Simon Seneck What is your why?

-If you had motvation then lost it reminde yourself of why you had it in the first place.  Many of us forget the road we wanted to take so we just took an easy one.  Find that road that you fireed up on and reimerse yourself into that moment.  

-Still no answers to find you aspiration I would suggest you journal.  Journaling aobut what you want is a great exercise to open your mind to what you crave in your life.  Is it better relationshiop, job, more $, or freedom?  Only you can decide figure this out.  



The stick to rub with aspiration is hope. Hope needs to be present for our aspiration to come to life.  Surprisingly hope is more than just skipping through a meadow.  Hope is specifically understanding that you have both the determination and the path to get your why, desire, or goal.  Hope is a very powerful word and I suggest you try to become more hopeful in your life.


Action Plan For Hope:


-Visualize your aspiration in your mind over and over.  Yes might sound a tad zen but visualization works.  Don't belive me do a quick google search and you will find everone from gold medal athletes, actors, classical performers, and top level executives all visulize.  Do you want to reach your aspiration?  Visulize!

-Write out a rough draft of your action plan to obtain your aspiration.  It may not be the correct path but its somehting to get you moing.

-If there are big road blocks in your way dont worry about then identify them, wire them down, and think about them.  Dont stress about these roadblaocks as your path gets cleared the answer will come to battle these issues.


Aspiration x Hope = Heat (part 1 of an internal forest fire)

Step 2:

To get super hot and intense fire you just don't add more fuel but you need to key is to give it more oxygen it.  Just like a blowtorch to get that super hot intense blue flame that can melt steel you don't give it more fule you give it more oxygen.  100% pure Oxygen will create the extreme flame needed to melt through steel.  To get that oxygen moving into your motivation you two things the right mindset and the perfect surroundings to make your world light up.

Right Mindset

100% pure oxygen if very flammable and if handled incorrectly will explode.  Just like your mindset if you don't take care of it your mind will can do more bad than good towards your motivation.  People who achieve amazing things are always positive, enthusiastic, and controlling their thoughts everyday.

These people understand that thoughts become things and choosing the correct thoughts and behaviors they create the might mixture of motivation to achieve their goals.   Changing your mindset is not easy and it takes time but once you harness it you can make it so intense that it will burn through any obstacle in your way.   


Action Plan For Creating A Positive Mindset:


-Try to reduce all media in your life.  If something big happens you will know about.  Media take up your time and distracts your mind from focusing on what you really want in your life.

-Delete ridiculous things from social media.  You can Either a specific person or company from your timeline or select to reduce the amount of exposure they show up on your stream.  Hint take control of your social meida dont let it control you.

-Turn your car into a college on wheels.  Instead of listening to the radio filled with commercials play a podcast like Operation Self Reset, listen to a book on tape, or play soft classical or meditation music so you can organize your next plan of action towards reaching your goal.  


Create an awesome surrounding:

Creating a perfect surrounding is the last key component to maxamiszing your motivaion.  The reason why forest fires wipe out thousands of miles is because the fire has all the oxygen it needs and there are no obstacles holding it back.  Once that fire gets started there is very little you can do to stop it.  That is the same kind of mentality you need when you are setting up your surroundings.  Create a space that give you the opportunity to succeed.  Fire travels to the place of least resistance.  Make your goal easy to achieve by setting up your physical and mental surrounding.    


Action Plan For Creating A Perfect Surrounding:

-Surround yourself with people that light you up and are trying to achieve the same kind of goal as you.  We are pack creatures bring people into your life that will raise you up when you get off track and progress togher to reach that epic goal.

-Create a powerful space in your home that when you walk into it you know its time to get your motivation on.  Just like the Notre Dame football team has a sign that they hit when the team leave the locker room, “Play like a champion”  create that same type of atmosphere in your life.

-Remove all things that dont help your progress towards your goal. Example if you are motivated to loose weight dont have pictures of the old you.  It will make you think of who you were then who you strive to become.

-Create a healthy lifestyle full of fresh greens, whole foods,  water, and healthy snacks like Lara Bar.  (my favorite), and exercize.  When you body is full of energy there is no stopping you just like a forest fire


Mindset x Surrounding = Oxygenation


Step 3:

You just created some heat from your sticks of aspiration and hope.  Heat creates smoke and its start to show it's time to nurse that smoke so we can start to see that flame pop through.  To make sure fire will form we need to keep rubbing the sticks of sticks of aspiration and hope and give this soon to be fire some concentration and effort.  



You will never get that fire to show if you don't give it 100% concentration. As my mentor Tolly Burkan told me, “Pay Attention!” Pay attention on what it is you are trying to achieve.  In your life there are tons of distractions don't forget what you're trying to go after.  Motivation can only come if you concentrate on the steps needed to achieve it.  Many people lose motivation because in the moment they are excited they have all the ideas, formulas, and to do list.  When the next day hits they forget all the support information and the motivation slips away.  That is because they lost concentration and they didnt pay attention 100% of the time.  This can be exhausting for some but that is why some people reach there goals and some dont.  If you break your concentration you lose the battle. Stay focused and dig deeper that is where the forest fire lies.


Action Plan For Concentration:


-Continuously concentrate on your “why”.  Know what you want and write it down. The more you write it the more it will anchor into your subconscious and unconscious mind of what it is you really want.

-Read a preplanned statement when you wake up before you go to bed.  I call this the Storybook method.

-Set reminders on your phone every 20-30min to pop up to deral your current thinking so you are thinking about your why, goal, or ambition.

-Place post notes on your mirror or in your car.  Seeing physical notes written from you is another approach to creating motivation anchors in your life.

-Get or create a support group to remind you of what your going for.  



The second part to fuel the fire is to put in effort or know as the “how”.  If you want to see a fire grow you must gather the fuel needed for it to thrive that's your effort.  When the fire starts to come alive and you don't have the material for it to burn you will lose it and it will die.  The same applies to your motivation you need to put in effort towards it everyday.  


Effort is needed to achieve your aspiration and it seems so obvious because it is.  As Jim Rohn said, “ the easy things to do are also easy not to do.”  Effort is not always easy but its easy to think of and when you think without action you don't do.   If you want to create that raging internal fire you must go and find the wood everyday no matter what.  


Action Plan For Effort:

-First you must understand that effort is not a feeling.  Effort is action.  If you go off of your feelings you will never get the aspiration you want.  You can not feel your way through this world.  If you do you will not have the motivation.

-Set up a to do / action list to achieve your goal the night before you go to bed.  When you wake follow that plan and when the day ends make a new list.

-Figure out the skills you dont have to make your why come to life.  Take time out of your day to first find where and how you learn that skill then to actually go and do it.

-Start to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Effort will push you outside your comfortable box.  Try your best to stretch yourself each day.  A rubber band is useless unless it stretches, the same applies to you.


Concentration + Effort = Fuel

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Time, Energy, Resources, Money, Sanity, Return on investment, Future Value, Personal Development, Lifestyle

Q &A Webinars coming up each month to get the fastest info join the Facebook Fan Page.  http://www.facebook.com/osrfanpage

Or go to http://www.operationselfreset.com and sign up for the news letter

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128: Leave Your Legacy

The best seminar you have never heard of Self Reset Power.  Go to Self Rest Power.com for more info its going to blow you away.

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It's less about the stories we tell, and more about the life we lead. Using our time to disruptt the status quo, take action, and effect change. It starts with us and ends with you, together, we are born to disruptt.

We are continually pushing boundaries, innovating and inspiring. For our transformative actions we've been recognized by institutions across the board, including: Forbes, MTV, CNN, Vanity Fair, StartUp World, Business Insider, World Wildlife Fund and many more.

Join us as we stand out, step forward and bring big ideas to life.





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The mission of Venture Companion is to help people understand their purpose and act on their values. This program is designed to infuse humanity into our data driven culture. Numbers are a wonderful tool for assessing the effectiveness of actions: They provide objective measurements of progress and concrete milestones to work towards. However, we need to be reminded that goals should be defined by aspirations that serve values, not numbers. When we forget this, we prioritize test scores over learning, weight over health, ledgers over prosperity, deadlines over collaboration, production over innovation, and scale over quality. We know we should see numbers as indicators of progress towards our aspirations, but when quantifiers are stated as the goal we lose perspective of their true value. When values take a backseat to numbers, shortcuts and creative rule interpretations become normative and goal attainment is unfulfilling. Venture Companion provides the structure needed to serve your values through your actions.


Justin Bentley-Melle is dedicated to maximizing effective service by promoting the power of the informed practitioner. As an experienced educator he has seen time and again that the best solutions come from those that deliver on the plans. When engaged with leadership, those nearest to the action have the best understanding of the “who, what, why, when, where, and how” of the mission.


Justin Bentley-Melle began writing Venture Companion as a way to connect with and support his daughter as she entered adolescence. The scope of this work evolved as his mother, who was coping with transitions in retirement, took an interest in this work. Justin’s engagement in educational leadership added additional insights as administrators and staff welcomed guidance based on Venture Companion concepts and processes.


Venture Companion was designed to support meaningful growth for individuals and organizations.  Please contribute your insights and experiences through the Venture Companion Facebook page or by contacting Justin Bentley-Melle at Justin@VentureCompanion.com. Your input will be put to good use providing valuable content for our Venture Companion community.

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Its time to step up and become confident with yourself again.

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Key topics we talk about

-No one has a style they are born with

-Drip by Drip

-You find the way, I cant help you

-Decision Paralysis

-Victom Vs. Creator

-Funny 10 years from now


call or text me to say HI 414-550-4012

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If you are a Founder who loves the company you started, and you want to be the CEO that pilots it to sustained success, you’re in the right place!

My name is Todd Uterstaedt, and I want to take the mystery, confusion, heartache, and stress out of your transition from Founder to CEO. If you have ever asked yourself:

  • How do I hire the best people for my team and create an awesome culture?
  • How do I communicate vision and strategy to my team when it can change weekly and monthly?
  • How do I separate personal critiquing from professional development?
  • How do I develop myself while I’m trying to build my team?
  • How do I figure out what my work priorities are now that we have proof of concept?

Or maybe you just want to be part of a supportive community that understands how lonely it can be when shifting from Founder to CEO

….then this is THE place for you.

Marc Barros, former CEO of Contour, wrote, “I didn’t understand, until it was over, just how hard the transition is from a Founder to CEO. A completely different role from getting a company off the ground…few people know how to teach it, even less think about developing you…” I’m the exception. YOU matter to me.

I believe you CAN make the leap and grow as a leader WHILE you grow your company. It’s not easy. But, it isn’t as hard as some make it out to be. I love helping Founders, like you, make the successful shift to CEO by boosting your leadership capabilities, confidence, and mindset so that you can:

  • Build, scale, and lead your company commensurate with your dreams and aspirations.
  • Maintain control of your company.
  • Enhance your company’s valuation for possible succession or a profitable exit.

Do you really have the time to read the latest boring business book, attend tedious classes, or wade through your favorite founder’s blog in search of actionable insights?

As a former Army officer, Corporate VP, and Founder of two successful startups [well, four if you include my kids :)], my life’s mission is to bring you the most practical and hugely beneficial how-to tips, tricks, and techniques that solve the immediate and pressing issues you encounter as you move from Founder to CEO.

Todd BakerWhy do I care so much? As a young soldier stationed in Berlin, Germany after The Wall fell, I personally saw the exuberant joy of people who tasted freedom for the first time in their lives. For many, that fresh sense of freedom led them to found new businesses that changed their lives and the many lives their companies touched. You understand, don’t you? You understand that special sense of freedom to create and have an impact on the world. That’s why I want to work with you. Our challenge is to elevate your ability to lead to the same level as your motivation to create.

I’m here to help bridge that gap. I approach this mission with the attitude that no one person has all the answers. Yes, I have coached many Founders like you to take action and build great companies, and I’ve been fortunate to appear in The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine and other media outlets. But, many of you have told me that you just want a reliable source that makes it fun, easy, and practical to build your business and quickly and successfully move from Founder to CEO. And, that’s exactly what I’m doing as I collect, curate, and create the very best support for you. Let’s do this together.

What’s the fastest way to get ALL the BEST free training and development insights you need?


>> DOWNLOAD my free gift to you below and I’ll make sure you hear from me soon.

To your success,

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Josh Rivedal moved from New Jersey to New York City at the age of 21 to tackle the world of fame, fortune, and the Broadway stage...in what he thought would be a stepping stone to Hollywood and a star on the walk of fame.

Eight years later and through a series of remarkable life events, a bad economy, and mixture of collegiate and self-education; Josh reinvented himself as an international public speaker, author, playwright, theatre producer, educator, marketing consultant, and arts entrepreneur. See his professional bio for details, and his book The Gospel According to Josh: A 28 Gentile Bar Mitzvah for the full story.

Heʼs a mixture of creative and logic, business and pleasure, local-centric and global minded. As a public speaker his primary focus is on suicide prevention; speeches and seminars on his experiences as a survivor of loss, an attempt survivor, and youth suicide prevention—often (but not always) paired with his one-man show Kicking My Blue Genes in the Butt (based on his book The Gospel According to Josh) He also speaks on diversity, mental health, arts marketing, small business marketing, (arts) entrepreneurship, and resiliency paired with improv theater. Through Artful Coaching Resources, he aims to help small business owners and artist entrepreneurs build their careers and businesses to profitability and to the size and style they prefer. Through his partnership with Skookum Hill, a publishing, consultancy, and theatre production firm that creates and acquires entertainment through film, print, and theatre—he creates content that inspires, educates, entertains, and transforms. As founder and executive director of The i'Mpossible Project, he provides advocacy, entertainment, seminars, and peer-to-peer education on suicide prevention, mental health, storytelling, and diversity.

He has previously served on the board of directors for the New York City chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and is currently an advisory board member for Elijahʼs Journey: A Jewish Response to Suicide Prevention.

Fun Facts about Josh:
  • Heʼs been singing since the age of 6.
  • He used to serve in the Civil Air Patrol in 6th and 7th grades, and nearly became a pilot till he discovered his fear of heights.
  • He has spoken professionally in 32 U.S. states, 2 Canadian provinces, England, and Australia.
  • He loves reading blogs on marketing and business
  • Bacon is his favorite food group
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