Operation Self Reset With Jake Nawrocki

Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are relationship coaches, lovers, and best friends. One of their greatest passions is exploring how to keep the magic in any relationship alive. Their first book, The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships, has helped thousands of people create relationships that are deeply connected on every level: body, mind, heart, and soul.

The Solemate Lover has won...

Winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for Sexuality

Winner of the 2015 International Book Award for Relationships

Learn the Secrets to Creating Passionate and Lasting Love, Sex, and Intimacy

This groundbreaking guide to intimacy will show you how to create and sustain a connected, compelling, and truly passionate relationship.

• Chapters such as Connecting with Your Sexual Energy and Opening Up to Your Orgasmic Potential will have you feeling more comfortable in your body and more confident in your sexuality.

Seduction, Intimacy, and Keeping the Spark Alive shows singles how to attract a partner who is ready for a deeply intimate relationship and couples how to continually energize their sexual connection.

The Power of Invitation gives you a simple yet life-changing skill for fulfilling your desires while simultaneously increasing love and intimacy.

The Art of Sexual Healing explores how to lovingly transform many sexual issues into opportunities for heart-opening, erotic pleasure.

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Tom here.

I'm going to keep this real brief.

You can find my full story inside The Rise-Up Academy Manifesto.

But in a nutshell...

I'm a two-time university drop-out.

I was stabbed 3 times and nearly died.

I have started many businesses....most failed, but a handful worked extremely well.

I am just like you....another human being.

I have committed to a perpetual journey of self-discovery.

When I pushed myself to finally discover the stories that were holding me back and committed to letting go of my own internal shit the whole world opened up to me.

I can literally travel anywhere in the world and run my business from my laptop....which enables me to create amazing new relationships, fun memories and magical moments.

Through my adventures, which include getting my skydiving license and climbing huge cliffs and mountains, I have learnt deep truths about myself and how I handle fear in stressful life-threatening situations.

Adventure is something everyone should get to enjoy in their life so they can open up to nature, appreciate the beauty, challenge yourself to overcome your fear and become victorious.

You know what's cool about this?

You can do it too.

And like everything it takes some work.

What makes me different to all the personal development gurus is this....

I focus on inner change FIRST.

This is ALWAYS where the problem is.

You can apply as many OUTER techniques as you want but they will still leave you feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

I am a certified Mindset Specialist with The Mindset Performance Institute and I apply and test everything I learn on myself.

I constantly push myself in my adventures and look for new challenges around the world to tackle and overcome.

So listen...

You're reading this right now and I believe you are here for a reason.

You have the option to make a decision today to take a bold leap to start transforming your life.

I guarantee the effects of this on all other areas of your life will be immeasurable.

Your business gets to expand and thrive.

Your relationships get to be more loving and fulfilling.

You get to experience the life you consciously design and create everyday.

Click the button below and jump on a discovery call with me.

My intention is to HELP YOU.

Therefore you WILL leave the call with valuable insights about yourself and a personal challenge to start transforming your life today.

Catch you soon,

- Tom

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Taken from www.theriseupacademy.com

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Vitamins For Your Mind With Rosie Bank




Rosie Bank,
Entrepreneur Visionary
USANA Team Leader
Author You, Inc. Own Your Business, Own Your Life


Sign up below for The Distinguished Networker newsletter and receive a Special Report, “Fifty Reasons Not To Quit

You will learn:

  • How to set goals and make it about other people.
  • How to make the competition irrelevant
  • How to prosper and profit on a part-time basisOSR
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5 levels of leadership, ideas taken from John Maxwell



Ideas taken from John Maxwell, johnmaxwell.com


One of the most established authorities on leadership writing today, John C. Maxwell speaks to over 350,000 people each year and his most popular topic is THE FIVE LEVELS OF LEADERSHIP, which he now shares with readers.

The five levels include:
1. Position - People follow because they have to.
2. Permission - People follow because they want to.
3. Production - People follow because of what you have done for the organization.
4. Person Development - People follow because of what you have done for them personally.
5. Pinnacle - People follow because of who you are and what you represent.

Through in-depth explanations and examples, Maxwell will describe each stage and show readers how they can move to the next level to become more influential, respected, and successful leaders.

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